September 26, 2018


We’re about to hit Marathon training season. That means lots of early starts, meal planning and sore feet. But before you jump in to your new arduous schedule, (just joking – marathon training is great fun) there are some essential items you really can’t start without.

We’ve spoken to a few experienced marathoners and even an ultra-marathoner to ask them what you need to pack for your marathon training...

Running kit

Ok, we know this one’s a bit obvious. But before you start training, find running gear and trainers that you’re comfortable in. It’s also a good idea to test run what you’re planning to wear on race day, so you can get used to the feel of it.

Running belt

Complete your look with a belt. In the running world, these are the best things since sliced bread because they give you a handy place to store your door key, phone and kitchen sink without any uncomfortable jiggle.


As surely as the sun will rise and the British weather will let us down, runners will get blisters. But you’ve just got to patch them up and carry on.


This one isn’t just an old wives’ tale. Vaseline will stop chaffing. So put that stuff everywhere, especially between your toes.


Full pockets, blisters, nerves… nothing should hold you back from your marathon training. We want you to go out there and run like you’ve never run before so when it comes to standing at the start line the only thing going through your head is ‘I. CAN. DO. THIS.’

ROAD iDs give you peace of mind to focus on your running.

Water bottle

As you get further into your training you’ll start running longer distances. Think 35 to 40 miles a week. It’s really important to keep hydrated on those long runs so don’t leave home without your water bottle.


Long runs can also see boredom creep in. But listening to a great playlist is the perfect antidote. So, grab your headphones before you head out. Just use caution – we recommend you don’t use headphones near busy roads so you can keep your wits about you.

Running app

When you’re out training, it’s a good idea to let a loved one know where you are. The ROAD iD app lets them track your route from their smartphone, to give them the peace of mind that you’re safe.

It’s also a handy alternative to your running belt or wallet and lets you personalise the lock screen with the details of your emergency contacts.

Protein gels and jelly beans

You’ll be burning a lot of calories and will need to refuel on the go. Carry some high-energy food in your running belt – protein gel sachets are perfect for this. Or jelly beans will give you the sugar boost you need. Plus, they can double-up as colourful confetti to celebrate the end of your run.

A smile

It’s a bit cheesy. But plastering a big smile on your face, will help you feel a bit better. Studies have found that even a fake smile can help you push through cramp and feel more relaxed.

But when you cross that marathon finish line, your smile will definitely be real.